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The causes of Selective IgA Deficiency are unknown. It is likely that there are a variety of causes, and this explains why the symptoms or health problems may vary from individual to individual.

Low but detectable serum IgA (sometimes called partial IgA deficiency), like undetectable serum IgA, is also relatively common. Similarly, most people with low serum IgA have no apparent illness. Some people with low serum IgA have a clinical course very similar to people with Common Variable Immune Deficiency (CVID). (See chapter titled “ Common Variable Immune Deficiency .”)

The diagnosis of Selective IgA Deficiency is usually suspected because of chronic or recurrent infections, autoimmune diseases, chronic diarrhea or some combination of these problems. Other patients are identified when immunoglobulins are ordered for some non-immunologic problem. The diagnosis is established when blood tests demonstrate undetectable levels of IgA (reported usually as < 5-7 mg/dL), with normal levels of the other major classes of immunoglobulins (IgG and IgM).

Occasionally, some patients with IgA deficiency may also have low levels of IgG2 and/or IgG4 and associated antibody deficiency. B-cell numbers and the numbers and functions of T-lymphocytes are normal. (See chapters titled “ DENIM Denim trousers Intropia Sale High Quality Buy Cheap New Styles Outlet Clearance Store Online Cheapest Deals Cheap Online qy9EcIOTPL
” and “ Mens Casual Shirt Seidensticker Exclusive Cheap Price Outlet Prices Buy Cheap Outlet Store Official For Sale LKkTNOgY

Several other tests that may be important include a complete blood count, measurement of lung function and urinalysis. Other tests that may be obtained include measures of thyroid function, kidney function, nutrient absorption in the GI tract and antibodies directed against the body’s own tissues (autoantibodies).

Familial inheritance of Selective IgA Deficiency occurs in approximately 20% of cases and, within families, Selective IgA Deficiency, CVID and Transient Hypogammaglobulinemia of Infancy may be associated. If family members are suspected of having immune problems, immunoglobulin levels may be obtained to determine a familial pattern of disease.

It is not currently possible to replace IgA in patients with IgA deficiency, although research toward purification of human IgA is ongoing. However, it remains to be seen if replacement of IgA by any route (IV, oral or topical) will be beneficial for humans with IgA deficiency, in part because IgA in the serum, unlike IgG, does not remain in the circulation for very long.

Treatment of the complications associated with Selective IgA Deficiency should be directed toward the particular problem. For example, patients with chronic or recurrent infections need appropriate antibiotics. Ideally, antibiotic therapy should be targeted at the specific organism causing the infection. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to identify these organisms and their antibiotic sensitivities precisely, and the use of broad-spectrum antibiotics may be necessary.

Setting up a project with Maven.

Next, the build dependencies are defined. The following two sections are included in the pom.xml between <dependencies></dependencies> tags.

The first dependency section includes the procedure API that procedures use at runtime. The scope is set to provided , because once the procedure is deployed to a Neo4j instance, this dependency is provided by Neo4j. If non-Neo4j dependencies are added to the project, their scope should normally be compile .

Next, the dependencies necessary for testing the procedure are added:

Along with declaring the dependencies used by the procedure it is also necessary to define the steps that Maven will go through to build the project. The goal is first to compile the source, then to package it in a jar that can be deployed to a Neo4j instance.

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plugin is used to package the compiled procedure. It also includes all dependencies in the package, unless the dependency scope is set to test or provided .

Once the procedure has been deployed to the plugins directory of each Neo4j instance and the instances have restarted, the procedure is available for use. integration tests

The test dependencies include Neo4j Harness and JUnit . These can be used to write integration tests for procedures.

First, we decide what the procedure should do, then we write a test that proves that it does it right. Finally we write a procedure that passes the test.

Below is a template for testing a procedure that accesses Neo4j’s full-text indexes from Cypher.

Writing tests for procedures. a procedure

With the test in place, we write a procedure procedure that fulfils the expectations of the test. The full example is available in the Neo4j Procedure Template repository.

Particular things to note:

The procedure annotation can take two arguments, name and mode .

mode is used to declare the types of interactions that the procedure will perform. The default mode is READ . The following modes are available:

The following can be noted about types:

Composite types are also supported via:

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. resources

When writing procedures, some resources can be injected into the procedure from the database. To inject these, use the @Context annotation. The classes that can be injected are:

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