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Under current law, employers may pay employees less than the city’s standard $13.25 minimum wage, so as long as their tips make up the difference. Initiative 77 would not do away with the practice of tipping, but would gradually raise the minimum wage for tipped employees (currently $3.89) until it reached parity with the other workers in the District in 2026. The standard minimum wage in D.C. is set to jump to $15 in 2020.

Opponents of Initiative 77 contend that the measure will eat away at already razor-thin profit margins for locally owned restaurants, forcing layoffs and higher prices for customers. Supporters say doing away with District’s current two-tiered wage system would work against race-based tipping discrimination , sexual harassment and wage theft in the industry, while also offering stability to lower-earning tip workers struggling to make ends meet in a high-cost city.

The vote on Initiative 77 (visualizedhereby MCI Maps) was largely decided on racial and class lines.

The vote on Initiative 77 (visualizedby MCI Maps) was largely decided on racial and class lines. The strongest opposition came from the District’s whiter and wealthier precincts on the west side, where many high-end restaurants are located. Meanwhile, the measure easily passed in poorer and predominantly black neighborhoods in the northeast and across the Anacostia River.


The tipped-wage never seemed likely to be settled by a popular vote, according to advocates who have worked on the issue for years, inasmuch as District ballot measures are only advisory. That hasn’t stopped some voters in the District, however, from voicing their displeasure on social media.

I am angry that DC Council thinks DC residents can't read a ballot. Those of us who voted for Cheapest Cheap Price Hot Chalice denim dress Rick Owens Clearance Wide Range Of Buy Cheap Visit MGrKpPNtPT
knew damn well what we voted for: fair wages for restaurant workers. We're not stupid; we saw through the restaurant industry's flim-flam. Slim Fit Woven Boxers Logo Waistband in Pink Madras Check Savannah plaid Polo Ralph Lauren Wholesale Price Cheap Online Discount Low Shipping Best Price Official Sale View oFIvP9EmyJ

— Isaiah J. Poole (@ijpoole) July 10, 2018

Seriously wondering why they even bother letting us vote on ballot initiatives! What is the point when they’re just going to overturn what voters chose? #Initiative77 https://t.co/qjYBZHuQqN

— Alexandra (@AlexandraRicks) July 10, 2018

But moving so openly against the will of the voters has caused some unease among the council, which has a Free Shipping Huge Surprise Womens Florence Pu Leggins Noos Trousers Only Countdown Package Online BLDa3
of overturning the will of the electorate. Ten Council members wereoriginally opposed to Initiative 77 in thebuild-up tothe June 19th vote, but only seven have signed onto the repeal bill.

Of the seven Council members supporting a repeal of the initiative, five represent wards in which the measure actually passed. Mayor Bowser herself has not yet come down in favor of a full repeal.

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The home of mathematics education in New Zealand.
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/ Equal Additions
Achievement Objectives:
Achievement Objective: NA3-1: Use a range of additive and simple multiplicative strategies with whole numbers, fractions, decimals, and percentages. ASOS DESIGN Curve new improved fit 15 denier nude tights in golden bronze Beige Asos Curve Outlet Best Place Outlet Sale Buy Cheap The Cheapest Ux8iB
Achievement Objective: NA4-2: Understand addition and subtraction of fractions, decimals, and integers. Floralembroidered satincrepe blouse See By Chloé Free Shipping Outlet Locations Fast Express pyYS8VAxP

These exercises and activities are for students to use independently of the teacher to practice number properties.

Specific Learning Outcomes:

solve subtraction problems usingequal additions

Description of mathematics:

Addition and Subtraction, AA (Stage 6)

Required Resource Materials:
Practice exercises with answers (PDF or Word)

Addition basic facts

Subtraction basic facts
Add and subtract ondecimals with tenths and hundredths

These exercises start with students solving subtraction problems by turning the subtrahend (second number) into a tidy number, usually a decade and adjusting the first number accordingly, e.g. 72 - 39 = 73 - 40. Exercise 1 stays with whole numbers less than 100 while Exercise 2 extends the range to three and four digit numbers, and Exercise 3 introduces the same strategy to decimal subtraction. This will require a sound understanding of place value. In later exercises the focus shifts from the computational answer and back to the relationship between the two subtraction statements in each answer. By writing down their thinking, students are being prepared to look at this relationship while still computing the answer.

Equality The purpose of Exercises 4 and 5 is to drawstudent’s attention to the concept of equality. Students will see that the equation remains in balance if the same change ismade to both sides of the equation. For example 56 - 38 = 58 - 40, bother numbers on both side have increased by two and in 74 - 44 = 68 - 40 both numbers on both sides have decreased by 4. This highlights that both equal additions and equal subtraction are valid strategies.

While Russia is a state party to the UN Convention for the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women, there is an ongoing failure to engage with recommendations to implement legislation to address domestic violence and provide support in the form of shelters, backed by the Anna Crisis Centre . Not only have these recommendationsnot been implemented, but this legislation runs counter to these aims. In addition, the Anna Centre that works to support women and children experiencing domestic abuse was also placed on the 100% Original Womens Meadow Floral Carrie Bikini Top Fat Face Cheap Sale Websites Best Store To Get Cheap Online Finishline For Sale Buy Cheap The Cheapest yPKKRb53QD
. Thus, women and their rights are caught in a toxic nexus of neoconservative, anti-western, and anti-feminist agendas that not only circumscribe what women can be, but also limit the spaces and tools for women to challenge these limited horizons of heteronormative compliant motherhood. Again this emphasises the fundamental importance of applying a gendered lens to the wider restrictions on civil and political rights underway in Russia’s authoritarian turn.

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In spite of the bleakness of this assessment, women have not passively accepted the curtailment and decimation of their rights either in Russia or globally. There is a vibrancy and variety of resistance from women who are not willing to stand for the removal of their hard won and partially realised rights. The “I’m not afraid to say” campaign on ru.net , paralleling the KNITWEAR Jumpers des petit hauts With Paypal Online 5a1sXP56
originating in the UK, gained traction in 2016 and highlighted the everyday nature of gendered sexual Charli Woman Cotton Shirt Offwhite Size 8 Charli Clearance Collections Free Shipping Prices Cheap Footlocker Quality From China Wholesale For Nice Cheap Online LNDLQ
. The “I’m not afraid to say” campaign also demonstrates the power of online spaces and social media for women, which I have also found in my research . Women use these spaces where their voices will be heard and listened to – even if this does not transform wider structures, being heard and having your opinion valued matters in and of itself. Making voices heard in relation to gender-based violence was the message of Helmut Lang Woman Strapdetailed Cotton And Cashmereblend Slub Tshirt Gray Size L Helmut Lang Really Online Cheapest Where To Buy Low Price Outlet Store Cheap Price Clearance Excellent UbKof
where young girls read the testimonies of domestic violence survivors in a startling and provocative illustration of the unwillingness of women to let a flagrant disregard for their lives to pass unchallenged.

Women connecting on and through social media for online and offline protests also brings global connections. We are in a global moment of resistance to these threats to women’s autonomy. Calls for Purchase Sale Online Clearance Nicekicks wideleg tailored trousers Black Dsquared2 o5AfO8DUY
emerged from US-based feminists in the aftermath of the election of Donald Trump – a reference to his Buy Cheap Ebay Cheap Marketable Calvin Klein Woman Midrise Twotone Striped Cottonjersey Briefs Purple Size S Calvin Klein Discount Original Explore Cheap Price In China For Sale 2k6ekHXvw
comments. Women were also on the streets and on strike against abortion restrictions in Poland and Ireland in 2016 and 2017.

Women are using their rights where they can to attempt to stop their further erosion and to demand to be seen and heard – making clear that rights to reproductive freedom and protection from gender-based violence are not optional, but underpin basic bodily autonomy and the ability for women to enact their citizenship. These globally scattered but connected protests are highlighting the ongoing need for gender-sensitive analyses of rights in both authoritarian and democratic contexts.

Next: Compiling Octave with 64-bit Indexing , Previous: Build Dependencies , Up: Installation [ Womens Structure Moss Dress Noa Noa Outlet Store Online Great Deals Cheap Online Buy Cheap Really sSpgU
][ Sonia Carnation Brocade Suit Trousers Stine Goya Amazing Price Online Buy Cheap Pictures Pick A Best For Sale ToWk2V

G.2 Running Configure and Make

Here is a summary of the configure options that are most frequently used when building Octave:

Print a summary of the options recognized by the configure script.

Install Octave in subdirectories below prefix . The default value of prefix is /usr/local .

Look for Octave sources in the directory dir .

This is an experimental option to enable Octave to use 64-bit integers for array dimensions and indexing on 64-bit platforms. You probably don’t want to use this option unless you know what you are doing. See Compiling Octave with 64-bit Indexing , for more details about building Octave with this option.


Enable bounds checking for indexing operators in the internal array classes. This option is primarily used for debugging Octave. Building Octave with this option has a negative impact on performance and is not recommended for general use.

Disable building all forms of the documentation (Info, PDF, HTML). The default is to build documentation, but your system will need functioning Texinfo and TeX installs for this to succeed.

This option allows for truncation of intermediate floating point results in calculations. It is only necessary for certain platforms.

Use the readline library to provide for editing of the command line in terminal environments. This option is on by default.

Create shared libraries (this is the default). If you are planning to use the dynamic loading features, you will probably want to use this option. It will make your .oct files much smaller and on some systems it may be necessary to build shared libraries in order to use dynamically linked functions.

You may also want to build a shared version of libstdc++ , if your system doesn’t already have one.

Use dlopen and friends to make Octave capable of dynamically linking externally compiled functions (this is the default if --enable-shared is specified). This option only works on systems that actually have these functions. If you plan on using this feature, you should probably also use --enable-shared to reduce the size of your .oct files.

By default, configure looks for the best BLAS matrix libraries on your system, including optimized implementations such as the free ATLAS 3.0, as well as vendor-tuned libraries. (The use of an optimized BLAS will generally result in several-times faster matrix operations.) Use this option to specify a particular BLAS library that Octave should use.

Awards are based primarily on criteria relative to leadership, achievement, recruiting, management practices, community service, team unity and education. Sales are not a consideration. There is no fee associated with this award. Companies must be in good standing with the Better Business Bureau for consideration. Working with this advisor or firm is not a guarantee of future financial results. Investors should conduct their own evaluation.

Certain individuals associated with Diamond State Financial Group are registered with and offer securities and investment advisory services through Securian Financial Services, Inc. ("Securian"), a registered broker-dealer and investment adviser, member Bodyism Woman Sports Bras Indigo Size M Bodyism Low Price Online Recommend Cheap Sale Wholesale Price Marketable Online Cheap Sale Big Sale YD3OSH9i
. Individuals registered with Securian are authorized to offer only those securities and investment advisory services that have been specifically approved by Securian. Additional information about individuals registered with FINRA can be found on Heidi Klum Intimates Woman Crocheted Lace Lowrise Briefs Coral Size XL Heidi Klum Intimates Cheap Newest Outlet Largest Supplier 9QYi0F00
. For information about which individuals associated with Diamond State Financial Group are registered with Securian, as well as information about which securities and investment advisory services such individuals are authorized to offer on Securian's behalf, please contact Securian at 1-800-820-4205. Diamond State Financial Group, 121 Continental Drive, Suite 110, Newark, DE 19713 (302) 366-0366. 1721896 DOFU 04/2017